Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boost up memory power to succeed

As Jeremy Irons quotes “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward; they're called dreams.” So memorize the path of success to turn dreams into reality.

Boost up your memory to boost up your performance in your exams. Even though you work hard day in and day out you may not get expected results due to poor memory power. Don’t forget that you need to remember a huge amount of data to answer and to score well. While starting or during preparations you should follow the following guidelines to make your efforts more productive and more result oriented.
  1. Give regular physical exercise to increase oxygen supply to your brain that keeps your brain cells fluorish.
  2. Get sufficient sound sleep to consolidate memory activity in brain centers.
  3. Don’t be a bookworm forever. Hang out with your good friends and relatives, making and listening jokes, etc to relax your brain centers and to give a space for memory retention there. People with the most active social lives have the highest rate of memory retention.
  4. Give a chunk of your valuable time to exercise your brain by exposing it to analytical, creative, imagining and thinking tasks.
  5. Don’t put much stress upon your brain but instead cool it down and sharpen by doing meditation.
  6. Take a plenty of brain super foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains.
  7. Don’t forget to have these vitamins in your diet like beta-carotene (vitamin A), thiamine (viamin B), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherol (Vitamin E) and folic acid. And, if required give multivitamin supplement to your body on your doctor’s advice.
  8. Take glucose supplement especially during the days of examinations.
  9. Always have brain boosters that are anti-oxidants like anthocyanins, deep red and purple pigments.
  10. Take more omega-3 fatty acids (fish) and less saturated fatty acids (red meat, butter, cheese, ghee, ice cream)
  11. So try to have these items in your regular diet: milk, leafy green vegetables (spinach), vegetables (peas, beans, and carrot), fruits (banana, mango, papaya, watermelon) and honey and a plenty of water.
So Warren Cuccurullo quotes, “I'm a product of good nutrition, cutting edge supplementation and hard training, and I'm an old guy.”

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wholesome climate to boost your educational performance

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Charles Dudley Warner says. But do something to improve this around you. It has a great influence on your mind, studies and consequently your results too.

You can tremendously enhance the speed of your effective learning process by setting favourable conditions around you viz., cool temperature, sufficient good ventilation, aestheics, least dust (particulate matter), free of bad odours, etc. These factors I think keep you intact and may not distract you from your learning process.

Extremities from normal may drastically alter your behavior, your mood and your concentration. Incorrect lighting and other factors may make you feel either hypoactive (lethargic) or hyperactive (emotional), bored and stressed. You should have to take intermittent breaks from your studies. You could not be consistent at you job. Adverse situations may make your plans, methodologies, memory power, etc unmanageable and can even influence your results!!!

"Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why success at first attempt is a dream for many?

Dear aspirants as I believe there is no much difficulty in achieving at first attempt in any competitive exam, if we are determined, well planned and making strategic inroads towards our first attempt. I would like to point out following things to achieve the success:
  1. 1. Medium of Instructions: Our language should be perfect enough to understand the subject content. We should have the habit of using dictionary whenever we feel some word or phrase we cannot understand. That one word will spoil our chance of understanding the whole sentence. That sentence might be a valuable bit in your exam.
  2. Schooling / Classroom Teaching: We should not neglect our classroom teaching. This has become a common practice these days that students are not concentrating on class room teaching; instead they are interested in other caching and materials.
  3. Academics: if you are not thorough enough with your academic studies then it indicates that you are half cooked only. Be concentrate first on academic syllabus before starting preparation for your competitive exams.
  4. Coaching Institutes: Join a right institute, avoid fake ones. Otherwise this will be mere waste of your time, money and career.
  5. Study material: select authentic study material. Study a few important books. Don’t confuse yourself with overloading your brain. Save both your time and money.
  6. Revisions: Instead of sitting at a place, by hearting, and trying to make you perfect is farce. Instead go on read the same topic and revise it periodically. Don’t mug-up. Try to understand the concept. The easiest way for quick revisions is go through underlined technical words, scientific names, scientists names, dates, constatnt values, formulas, phrases or definitions once in a while.
  7. Time management: Spend 50 per cent time in reading books and material, 25 per cent time in working out problems or drawings, 25 per cent time in reasoning, thinking, preparing your own tips for quick revisions, discussions, debates, solving previous problems, etc. This practice should be there since the beginning.
  8. Strong will power & determination: We should have this quality. This is the blood and soul of our achievement.
  9. Inspiration: Select any previous topper as a role model for your success.
  10. Have Aims & Dreams: Aim the target with a judicious dream of becoming a doctor, an engineer, an agricultural scientist, an ecologist, etc. And feel as if you are there in your seat!!!
If you have the attitude to make it success and work accordingly, you are sure to succeed. Good Luck....It is a matter of self confidence, right planning, smart work, heahthy mind and healthy body, an habit of peaceful living with less nervousness and tensions.

Achievement at first attempt will be a reality rather than a mere dream !!!

Thanking You

Can a slow learner succeed in entrance exams?

This is a common notion that those who secure good marks at +1 or + 2 level can only succeed in entrance tests. How far is this true with respect to good scorers and not with slow learners or poor scorers? We should first of all analyse what factors some one turn a slow learner. This is not always related to their IQ's. Some other causes might be there!

  1. Primary Education: There might not be good foundation at primary level of education due to different factors, viz., lack of basic, scientific, and dedicated education system.
  2. Physical & Mental Health: Some pupils health maight not be good enough so that they could imbibe enough the basic standrad of education at primary level.
  3. Medium of Instruction: As a symbol of status, increase in number of english medium schools, imitation or a sense of globalisation most of the parents joining their children in english medium schools. Owing to lack of genuine improvement in language ( because at that level other unnecessary subjects hampering their progress) most of the students are not able to grasp the actual theme of different topics or misunderstanding of topics. This is I think one of the major causes for lack of abilities among students.
  4. Mugging up process: This is a very important cause not letting students to understand the topic or not giving them any chance to present themselves a topic on the paper.
  5. Heavy syllabus: The over enthusiastic culture of stuffing many things in tender brains leading neither to understand nor to develop their own skills in the stream of education.
Note: I think there should less and reasonable amount of syllabus so that efforts would be made in strengthening the "medium of instruction" i.e., english rather than over-stuffing process, in english medium convents or schools. Concentrate on 3R's (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic skills)

By the way, analyse your self, where you missed the tempo. Don's worry. As you mature you can rebuild the missed features in your past education system. Spend a few months time to rebuild yourself with respect to language and basic knowledge. Improve your vocabulary (both spellings and meanings), then you strat afresh. I am damn sure that you will succeed on par with the other fast learners. You will no more be in the category of slow-learners.!!!Thanking you

How to study :'Diversity in the Living World" at ease?

As we know that there has been a lot of variations from microscopic to macroscopic, acellular to cellular, unicellular to multicellular, and variations within the organic empire all over the earth. This is what all we know biodiversity. This is very important to know so that we could know the relationships among the biospheric elements and their extinctions and existence, past to present.

As we know there have been innumerable creatures in this world, both plants and animals. Besides this other kind of creatures also. Students have to both identify and differentiate them. Here comparative studies help a lot in keeping specific facts about different groups of creatures, Once we know separately the features of different organisms, the second step lies in preparing charts showing similarities and differences.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easy Entrance 2 Success

Students who are mainly preparing for Medical, NIT, TET, PG, B.Ed., D.Sc., etc entrance exams should concentrate on the academic syllabus. Grip on the subject, analytical thinking, logical thinking and practice will be helpful for the students to get the seat in medical colleges. Students who are studying should question themselves after every point; that pattern is being given in our upcoming pages. So students have a better chance to practice all the points, improve or refresh their knowledge and understand the syllabus in toto.

Students should practice in question-answer type model. We have simplified the same here for you. They should be able to answer any bit from the syllabus which is asked in the competitive exams. Students who are having basic knowledge on the syllabus and prepare will get the seats easily. Students should remember that they should study in concept oriented basis, as we have given here, in bit by bit process. More than that those students who can not afford to spend a lot of money or time due to variable reasons can follow our material to fulfill their dream of becoming doctors, agricultural scientists, biotechnologists, microbiologists, etc.

One must change with the changing trends. Today we are in the world of cut-throat tremendous competition. To be in the race aiming at your exam must have the thorough understanding of the basics, planned hard work, programming, analytical skills, determination, etc to face the challenges ahead! So we shall try our best to impart basics in our online material. This study material make you win in the examinations with your college or coaching centre faculty guidance.
 Tips to succeed in entrance tests: 
  1. Determination: One should have determination to secure  seat despite of many hurdles or difficulties on the path. 
  2. Planning: One should make organized and planned preparations.  
  3. Smart work: Besides hard work one should be smart enough in having scientific planning and schedules while making studies. 
  4. Exam Pattern: One should know the exam pattern and syllabus stipulated for the exam before starting their preparations. 
  5. Scheduled Preparation: One should maintain a strict time schedule for the exam preparation subject-wise and topic wise. 
  6. Time Management: One needs to master the skills of time management in the exam hall.
  7. Previous Question Papers:  One should study the previous papers, distribution of topic wise marks.
  8. No Priority Rule: One should give priority not only to important topics but also the non important ones. And study bore some topics as much as possible.  Because of tremendous competition questions are being asked from non-important topics also.
Suggestions from students, eminent teachers and parents are always welcome.